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The Tale of

Timmy Two Tails

Book One in the Series

Timmy a two-tailed lizard leaves his home in Lake Worth Beach, Lizard Village to go on a journey to find the Great Osprey. Along the way, he befriends two very different characters but, all three have something in common with each other. 

Illustrations by Frank Cochrane

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Illustrations by Frank Cochrane

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Book Two in the Series

After Timmy's great adventure, he meets a friend at school and they travel to an amazing fantasy world. Once there, they find themselves trying to figure out how to get back home. The kindness of strangers in this bizarre land helps them find their way.

The Turbulent

Tale of

Timmy Two Tails

Timmy Two Tails

The Tale of a Cat 

Book Three in the Series

While out on a walk, Timmy comes upon a  serious life or death situation. His quick action leads to a strong bond that will last a lifetime. New friendships are formed for both him and Daisy.

Illustrations by Frank Cochrane

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Timmy Two Tails
An  Alligator's 

Book four in the series

Timmy is called back to Sanibel Island, to the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge. His friend Albert the Alligator is in dire need of Timmy's assistance to help rescue a friend. They encounter dangerous humans and meet an extraordinary boy. 

Illustrations by Frank Cochrane

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 The Timmy
Two Tails
Coloring Book

Illustrations from all four books in one great activity book. Children can read along with the pictures and then color them in any way they choose. A creative interactive book to accompany the Timmy Two-Tale book series. 

Illustrations by Frank Cochrane

Timmy TwoTails
The Tale of a

Follow the Timmy Two-Tails Series as it returns to Sanibel Island. All the animals, a special boy named Ellis and a determined Ranger search frantically for an injured manatee.   

Illustrations by Frank Cochrane

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About the Author

Monica Narsiff lives in Lake Worth Beach Florida. She has worked for Palm Beach County School District for over twenty years.

Monica is an avid animal lover and it does not matter if it has scales or fur, she loves them all. Once, while on a front porch of where she was visiting, Monica noticed a two-tailed lizard. She could not help but wonder: when people are peculiar or odd, they are at times treated differently, sometimes cruelly; do the lizards act the same way? From this came the story of Timmy -Two Tails. Timmy overcomes his fear of being different and champions it, becoming a hero, best friend, and a confident lizard in his everyday life.

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